What do I need to bring for my Tax (Income Tax Return)?
You can download the checklist here and Drivers License or State Id
Can I walk in around 6:00 - 8:00pm?
No, we usually close at 6pm unless there is an appointment
Do you have a consultation fee?
The consultation fee cost around 150$ but it really depends on the difficulty of your ITR
Will I get the full explanation about my tax?
Yes, our Accountant will fully explain your tax and entertain your questions
Can I download the forms before I go there?
Yes, it is possible. Go here and download the appropriate forms
When should I set an appointment?
As much set as early as possible, there are days when we are fully book.
What time should I arrive before my appointment?
At least 15 mins, especially for Personal Accounting since you are going to need to fill up 2 forms
Do you have coffee and snacks?
Yes, we offer coffee and snacks while you wait